Standards Aligned

HELP Math contains 73 lessons that comprehensively cover all math domains grades 3-8 and provide strong foundations in algebra and geometry for high school students. The lessons align to the Common Core State Standards Grades 3-8, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics “NCTM” standards Grades 3-8, as well as to ELL state math content standards. Unlike most programs, which align to state standards only at a superficial level, HELP Math is aligned at the finest level of detail, e.g., state content standard benchmarks, such as the particular elements that the “student needs to know, understand and be able to do.”

The HELP Math intervention includes formative and summative diagnostic assessments that are aligned to independent state standardized assessments.

HELP Math also aligns to English Language Acquisition “ELA” best practice principles including TESOL (National Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Standards, the Colorado Department of Education ELL Guidebook, and a composite of a variety of school districts’ English Language Development continuums.

Click here for a detailed standards-alignment table Grades 3 to 5

Click here for a detailed standards-alignment table Grades 6 to 8




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