About HELP Math

HELP Math employs the research-based Sheltered Instruction pedagogy for teaching mathematics and other academic content that has been proven effective in a classroom setting, demonstrating remarkable success with both ELL and non-ELL students.

HELP Math is the first instructional program to successfully incorporate sheltered instruction practices into a comprehensive academic curriculum using technology.

HELP Math's sheltered instruction is designed to improve students' understanding of the content, while simultaneously developing their English language proficiency using specific techniques:

  • Increasing comprehensibility by scaffolding the learning, e.g. breaking down concepts into small, comprehensible “learning chunks”; synchronizing visuals, audio and interactivity to create a visual connection between words, symbols, and meaning.
  • Building background knowledge and prerequisite skills.
  • Targeting vocabulary development by emphasizing math content language as well as academic English; available to students as hyperlinked words within the instruction, and within an online dictionary of mathematical terms, including audio.
  • Providing bilingual support for custom curriculum and assessment. Teacher has the option of switching on/off.
  • Explicitly teaching problem-solving and test-taking skills, providing multiple opportunities for student responses and immediate corrective feedback when errors are made.

We have created a video demonstrating the power of sheltered instruction. You will experience what it feels like for a non-native speaker to learn math content in a second language. In this six minute video, Dr. Lynda Franco, expert in English language acquisition, takes you through a mathematics lesson. The first two minutes of instruction are provided solely in Spanish in a manner typifying teacher-led textbook practice. In the second part of the video, Dr. Franco delivers the same math lesson; however, this time, she uses sheltered instruction techniques to illuminate the content.

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"..students are more focused and engaged in HELP Math, mainly due to its use of the SIOP model and the linguistic support it offers."

Melinda Hooper, Math Intervention Teacher

“Thanks for such an awesome program. There is no other like it that I’ve found!"

Mrs. C. DeWitt, Parent